National Nutrition Week

National Nutrition Week 13 - 19 October 2019 
Tryfor5 - Embrace Your Veg Waste

National Nutrition Week is 13-19 October 2019 and this year’s theme is all about how to try for five serves of vegetables each day by learning to embrace your food waste!

We all know veggies are good for us – Mum’s been telling us for years! Eating a healthy and balanced diet can help reduce the risk of many chronic diseases. But did you also know it can help us be happier, and may even help reduce the risk of developing depression?

Less than 4% of us eat our recommend five serves of vegetables a day. In fact, the average Australian eats eat only half that.

And yet, more than one third of rubbish bins in Australian kitchens contain leftovers and wasted food. That’s nearly $4000 worth of groceries per household per year that can end up in landfill, where food breaks down and emits harmful greenhouse gases. 

Visit to discover news ways to add veg to your day, with heaps of handy tips to buy, store, cook and enjoy vegetables and manage waste.


2019 campaign report

Inspiring and empowering healthy eating for all Australians is the mission of Nutrition Australia, Australia’s peak nutritional body. Our annual awareness campaign Tryfor5, ran during National Nutrition Week encouraging Australians to increase their vegetable consumption.

The 2019 theme 'Embrace your vegwaste' helped support Australians to consume five serves of vegetables each day by learning to embrace their food waste.

This evaluation report outlines the successes of the campaign (PDF 5.1MB).

Watch this space for the 2020 campaign and if you’d like to be involved, get in touch!


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