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Thursday 10-10-2019

13-19 October is all about how to try for five serves of vegetables each day by learning to embrace your food waste!

Scary Stats

Less than 4% of us eat our recommend five serves of vegetables a day and only 1% of children / teenagers! In fact, the average Australian eats eat only half that. Not only can eating a healthy and balanced diet help reduce the risk of many chronic diseases but it may even reduce your risk of depression. And yet we throw a lot of good food away.

Thursday 10-10-2019

In time for National Nutrition Week, we are delighted to announce a partnership between two leading public health nutrition bodies in Australia: Deakin’s School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences and Nutrition Australia Vic Division.

Having collaborated on many activities together in recent years, we are now formally partnering to enhance our respective contributions to the public health nutrition sector.

A shared vision


Long day care menu pack

Winter menu pack

 4-week winter rotating menu
 120 delicious, dietitian-approved children’s recipes
 All recipe quantities tailored to your centre
 Meets Victorian menu planning guidelines



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A fresh and fragrant twist on this classic Southeast Asian dish.

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