Workplace seminars

Nutrition Australia's one hour seminars are delivered onsite at your workplace by an Accredited Nutritionist. All participants receive take home resources to supplement the seminar information. Topics include:

Boost your energy

Learn about dietary recommendations that will boost energy so you get the most out of everyday!

9 steps to healthy eating

Learn how to incorporate healthy food choices into daily life in 9 simple steps, A.K.A. healthy eating 101!

Food choices what the labels tell us 

Equip participants with the skills to understand what's in food and how to select healthy food products. This is a virtual supermarket tour!

Myth busters

“Potatoes are fattening” ... “if you're trying to lose weight you need to avoid all types of fat” 

If you agree with the above statements, hold on tight because we have some serious myth busting to do!

Meal planning and healthy eating on a budget

Discover why meal planning is key in making healthy food choices, and learn simple tips and tricks from the experts to stretch that food dollar. 

Food variety and physical activity

Recommends simple approaches to improve your food variety and provides tips on how to improve your physical fitness.

Weight for a change

This presentation empowers individuals with the knowledge and motivation to initiate a realistic weight loss program.

Nutrition for shift workers

Do you skip meals or resort to takeaways due to lack of time or motivation? Learn how to fuel your body with the right foods at the right time to maximise your energy levels.

Nutrition Australia ACT Division can design a seminar topic to suit the needs of your workplace. Please note, discounts may apply when a suite of seminars is requested.

For further information, or to make a booking, contact us on 02 6162 2583 or email us using the enquiry form below.

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