National Nutrition Week

We all know we should eat 5 serves of vegetables a day...
But did you know that the average person only eats half that ?

Discover new ways to add veg to your day

during National Nutrition Week 2016! 

Whether they're fresh, frozen or canned, eating more vegetables is #1 thing we can all do for better health and wellbeing!

They burst with flavour and they're packed full of important vitamins and minerals, disease-fighting antioxidants and gut-healthy fibre.

And they're so versatile. They can be eaten raw, cooked, baked, mashed, grated, chopped, diced, sliced - you name it!

Here's 3 great ways to add veg to your day

Eat a rainbow
Have a bunch of different coloured vegetables every day during NNW to get the max variety of beneficial nutrients, PLUS you’ll love the variety of tastes and textures! Read more.

Try something new every day
Try a new vegetable, a new recipe, or try eating vegetables in a way that you don’t normally eat them. Or get more bang for your buck by using up ageing veggies, and eating the parts that you usually throw away! 
Visit the information hub for recipes and new ways to add veg to your day.

Love your legumes
Did you know that 2016 is International Year of the Pulse? Or that legumes are in the vegetable AND protein food groups? Pulses, beans and legumes are a cheap and versatile source of fibre, protein plus many other important nutrients. Read more here, or get 6 great recipes here


Try For 5 challenge

Congratulations to everyone who challenged themselves to eat 5 serves of vegetables every day during National Nutrition Week!


Info hub

Your one-stop-shop for heaps of great advice on how to grow, buy, store, cook and eat more vegetables every day!

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Discover new ways to add veg to your day with these mouth-watering recipes for breakfasts, main meals, snacks and sides.

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About National Nutrition Week

Each year National Nutrition Week raises awareness of the role of food on our health, and supports the community to enjoy healthy eating.

The food and lifestyle choices we make impact on both our health, and the health of our planet. With childhood obesity rates now around 25% and with Australians identified as being among the highest producers of waste globally, we need to address these issues urgently.

National Nutrition Week always includes World Food Day (16 October).

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National Nutrition Week 2017 is 15-21 October 2017 #NNW2017


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