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Wednesday 16-7-2014
When it comes to employee health, businesses need check-ups too.

With a Company Health Check, we’ll work with you to understand your organisation’s wellbeing needs and identify opportunities for your staff to improve their health through nutrition.

Wednesday 09-7-2014

Did you know that over 80% of Australians over the age of 12 years are at risk of poor bone density due to inadequate calcium intake?

Tune into our next webinar 'Overcoming consumer perceptions to boost calcium intake in at-risk groups' to hear expert professionals share the latest research on why we should be putting dairy back on the table.

Wednesday 09-7-2014

Nutrition Australia and Woolworths are making it easier for people to locate, choose and purchase nutritious snacks with the launch of Healthier Bites.

Healthier Bites is a dedicated section of the supermarket that features over 100 individually portioned snacks that meet Nutrition Australia’s healthy snack criteria.

Wednesday 18-6-2014

Barbara Ward, President of the Nutrition Australia National Board was awarded with a “Certificate of Appreciation” for her volunteer contributions in the community on Wednesday 21 May 2014. This was part the 25th anniversary of National Volunteer Week which was launched to recognise the contribution of volunteers in NSW.

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