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Wednesday 29-7-2015

7pm AEST Tuesday 18th August

Join presenter Associate Professor Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos, on behalf of the Mediterranean Diet Research Group at La Trobe University, in her exploration of what the Mediterranean diet can teach us!

Sunday 12-7-2015

In partnership with the ACT Government, Nutrition Australia ACT Inc is seeking a qualified and experienced candidate to join their team as part of the establishment of a central nutrition support and advice service for the ACT.

Friday 12-6-2015

Nutrition Australia members can now get 23% off a 12-month subscription to the foodies' favourite, Healthy Food Guide magazine.

Monday 18-5-2015


Nutrition Australia has updated its iconic Healthy Eating Pyramid for the first time in 15 years in an effort to combat growing nutrition confusion and risky fad diets.

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