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Friday 11-4-2014

Book now to hear from four nutrition professionals on their diverse careers in food industry, public health, marketing, sports nutrition and education.

Nutrition, dietetics, and food science students are invited to join us on Monday 5 May from 7pm (AEST), to learn about their unique journey and experienes, and find out what you can do to stand out from the crowd to reach your goals.

Friday 21-3-2014

As the cooler weather moves in so does the flu, with approximately 20% of Australia’s workforce affected each year.

Nutrition Australia can help your employees stay healthy and productive this winter by inspiring healthy eating at work, and in the home.

Our range of corporate health services includes nutrition seminars, appetising cooking demonstrations, one-on-one dietary consultations and much more. 

Monday 03-3-2014

To celebrate Seniors Week, Nutrition Australia ACT (NA ACT) is helping seniors to eat well by reigniting their passion for cooking with the successful Project Dinnertime - Simple Eats for Seniors program. This program aims to inspire individuals to cook more meals from home more often, by improving skills, confidence and motivation in the kitchen. Participants also learn about food related issues, such as healthy eating, budgeting and food safety.

Monday 24-2-2014

The Rethink Sugary Drinks coalition has commended the ACT Government for introducing a ban on sugary drinks in government schools.

Rethink Sugary Drink is a partnership between Cancer Council Australia, Diabetes Australia and Heart Foundation (Victoria), and aims to raise awareness of the amount of sugar in sugar-sweetened beverages and encourage Australians to reduce their consumption.

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Try this simple, tasty and nutritious idea for incorporating pecans into your favourite meal. Pecans lend themselves to both sweet and savoury recipes including stir fries, salads, casseroles and desserts.

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