Workplace health and wellbeing

Nutrition Australia WA Division strives to deliver quality information and education services to companies and community groups alike, with each service completely customised to suit your needs.

Services available include:

  • High-profile seminars comprising a wide variety of themes, or build your ow
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Hands-on cooking programs
  • Publication sales
  • Industry consultancies
  • Menu assessments

Contact us using the enquiry form below, or call 08 6201 0469 for more information on our workplace health and wellbeing services.

Nutrition seminars

Nutrition Australia WA Division conducts nutrition presentations for a wide variety of groups, all of which are tailored to suit your needs. Themes include but are not limited to:

  • Food Variety and Physical Activity
  • Weight for a Change
  • Food Labelling
  • Meal Planning
  • Food Fitness
  • Fad Diets – dispelling the myths
  • Diet and Disease (Heart health)
  • Healthy Ageing and Bone Health
  • Nutrition Tips for Travelling
  • Pre-pregnancy Nutrition for Couples
Cooking demonstrations

Cooking demonstration popularity is gaining momentum, with our portable 'kitchens' making it easy for you to educate your staff about healthy eating. All participants receive recipe tastings and we always encourage a few attendees to come up and join in the preparation, with gloves provided to ensure food safety. A great way to learn about nutritious meal options while in a relaxed and social environment. We can tailor cooking demonstrations and any other workshops around your lunch break or any time requirements you may have.

Lunch 'n' learn

Do you want an educational presentation and a cooking demonstration? Due to popular demand, we have introduced 'Lunch ‘n’ Learns' or ‘Discovery Dinners’ into our Workplace program so that you can have the best of both worlds. Each consists of a nutrition presentation focussing on an area of interest, as well as a cooking demonstration and recipe tasting.

Customised programs

Nutrition Australia WA Division also offers longer term programs designed for more sustainable behaviour change amongst employees. Program design is based on consultation with the company or group and includes 3 hour sessions for as many weeks as you require (such as 4, 6 or 8 weeks). Each session begins with an educational component, followed by hands on preparation of a two course meal, and finishes with a sit down social meal enjoyed by all.

We also offer the opportunity to experience nutrition, cooking and group exercise programs, facilitated by qualified nutritionists and personal trainers.

Contact us using the enquiry form below, or call 08 6201 0469 for more information on our workplace health and wellbeing services. 

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