Menu assessments for early childhood and OSHC (WA)

We can review your early childhood or out of school hours care (OSHC) service's menu to help you provide healthy foods and drinks that meet the nutrition needs of children in your care.

We’ll review a 2-week menu against relevant menu planning guidelines, and provide a detailed report that highlights areas where your menu meets the guidelines, and tailored recommendations to help you meet the guidelines where required.

You’ll also receive fact sheets and other resources to support our recommendations, such as recipes and healthy food and drink ideas for children.

Menu assessments are highly recommended for services that have not had one before, or for those that have changed the menu since their last assessment.

  • Long day care centre menu assessments include morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and drinks, for children aged 1-5 years. Breakfast, late snacks and dinner can also be reviewed if they are provided in your service. 
  • Out of school hours care menu assessments include breakfast, afternoon tea and drinks for primary school aged children.

Call 1300 515 523 or contact us to request a menu assessment.

See the difference that having a menu assessment made at Bloom Early Learning in Melbourne:


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