Aged Care

NAWA has a long standing history of providing aged care services to the WA community surrounding nutrition education and cooking programs of a variety of themes.

Cooking for One or Two

In 2006, the Cooking for One or Two program was implemented in Perth and the results were outstanding. Male attendees who previously never had the need to prepare meals and were now finding themselves with the need for cooking skills, gained greater confidence in meal preparation and utilising a variety of cooking methods. Women who generally possessed cooking skills but lost motivation to cook for one or two people found a greater joy in cooking in a social environment and reported much more interest in food and nutrition.

Healthy Cooking/Healthy Living

The Healthy Cooking/Healthy Living pilot program was designed and implemented in 2009 with funding from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. This was an expansion of Cooking for One or Two and included a very important element for seniors- chronic disease education. Each week, scientifically based and translated nutrition information was provided to attendees in the form of educational workshops and activities, which preceded a hands on cooking session comprising ingredients shown in science to reduce modifiable disease risk factors. A sit down meal followed to reinforce socialisation. All participants received credible and practical nutrition resources to take home and implement as needed.

Senior's Workshops

Many seniors have expressed the desire to know more about food planning, purchasing and preparation and therefore NAWA offers senior’s groups the opportunity to book nutrition workshops and sessions around themes such as food label reading, meal planning and food budgeting.

Supermarket Tours

Supermarket tours have been extremely popular and build on putting new knowledge into practice. Tours can be incorporated into workshops and programs for any target or client group and are also offered as a stand-alone service.

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