Nutrition seminars

Inspire your employees to eat well, feel great and perform better!

Our engaging and educational seminars will provide your employees with reliable and relevant information about food, nutrition and health.

Your staff will learn how to incorporate healthy choices into their day (not just why). And they’ll develop a personal action plan that could change their relationship with food forever!

Our seminars are hosted by our experienced dietitians and nutritionists. They are fun, interactive and cater for multiple learning styles.


Did you know? 

The average Australian adult eats half as much fruit & vegetables as they should, and one third of their daily intake from junk food, soft drinks and alcohol!1

Employees with an unhealthy diet are 2.3x less productive than healthier colleagues.2


Seminar Topics

We have a range of topics to suit all workplaces, such as:

  • Nutrition 101
  • Fuelling everyday performance
  • Food for fitness
  • Healthy eating for corporate lifestyles
  • Nutrition for shift workers
  • Understanding food labels
  • Healthy habits for a healthy heart
  • Spend right, eat right

We can also tailor a seminar topic to suit your organisation.

Each nutrition seminar includes:
  • 45 minute interactive presentation 
  • 15 minutes for questions and discussion
  • audience participation and learning activities
  • self-reflection and personal goal setting
  • PLUS information and recipe handouts to take home

"I just want to let you know how pleased I was with today’s seminar. The content was interesting and pitched at a perfect level for the audience who were clearly engaged with lots of questions.

“Rebecca was a fabulous presenter who knows her material well and who held her own with a variety of questions coming at her."
- Fiona Crocker, Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne



$695 (excludes GST and travel)


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Why choose Nutrition Australia?


Achievement Program

Our nutrition seminars can help your business to work towards the Healthy Eating benchmarks of the Victorian State Government Achievement Program's_workforce.pdf 

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