Nutrition Australia Vic Division Offers Exciting New Planned Menus to Long Day Care Centres

Recognising that long day care centres can find it challenging to create new seasonal menus due to time constraints, Nutrition Australia developed a rotating 4 week Summer / Autumn Menu Pack specifically tailored to the number of children at a centre.  

Nutritious and Delicious Recipes

Featuring 120 nutritious and delicious recipes children love (including vegetarian substitutes for all main meals and snacks); each rotating menu is designed by our dietitians to meet the Menu Planning Guidelines for Long Day Care. Implementing the menu not only alleviates the time taken to prepare one, but helps each centre’s accreditation for Quality Area 2 of the National Quality Standard.

Due to high demand (and the tick of approval from our littlest customers!), further menu’s will be formulated, with a new Winter menu set to be ready for purchase just as the colder months approach.

Click on this link to find out more and to order!



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