We can help you inspire healthy eating in 2017!

Do you promote healthy eating in Victoria?

Looking for help with the foods and drinks that you supply?

Nutrition Australia Vic Division can help!

We have a range of resources, services and events for yourself, or the people and organisations that you work with, to:

  • supply healthier foods and drinks
  • implement healthy eating policies and processes
  • and promote healthy eating to staff, students, clients and guests.

For example, we work with:

  • early childhood services, to supply healthy foods and drinks, and promote healthy eating in line with the NQS to children and their families.
  • schools, to supply healthy foods and drinks within the school, and educate students and parents about healthy eating
  • workplaces, to improve employee performance through healthy eating
  • sports and recreation services, to create health-promoting environments through nutrition
  • hospitals and aged care food service staff, to supply nutritious foods and drinks and meet clinical guidelines
  • food outlets, caterers and manufacturers, to assess and increase their range of healthier foods and drink options
  • and more!

From our free government-funded Healthy Eating Advisory Service, to our tailored consultation services, we have something to suit your needs and budget.

Read more here, or call 03 8341 5800 to enquire about how we can help you inspire healthy eating in 2017!


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