Book now! New healthy eating workshop for Victorian primary schools

To mark the start of term 3 Nutrition Australia Vic Division has launched a new healthy eating workshop for Foundation-Grade 2 classes.

The Roy Royce Healthy Food Education Program is a fun 45 minute workshop that will enrich your 4-8 year old students with the knowledge and motivation to enjoy healthy foods!

Through active game play, story-telling and discussion children will learn about 'everyday' and 'sometimes' foods; the way food can make us feel; and how to be responsible for making healthy choices.

It’s based on the successful children’s book Did Roy Royce make a healthy choice?, which uses rhyme and silliness to get children thinking about healthy choices.

And it’s not just a one-off experience!

Each school gets to keep a curriculum-linked resource kit to continue their learning in the classroom all year round.

PLUS every child will receive a Nutrition Australia a take home resource pack to inspire families to choose healthy foods at home!

The Roy Royce Healthy Food Education Program and resources support the Australian Curriculum: Health & Physical Education food and nutrition focus area and the Achievement Program Healthy Eating & Oral Health benchmark.


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