Food safety auditing for Queensland businesses

Are your meals safe for children?

Quensland licensed food businesses are required to have an approved Food Safety Program along with a Food Safety Audit each year to ensure you are following the correct procedures so food remains safe for children.

NAQ Nutrition provides a range of food safety auditing, consulting and training services to help your food business meet requirements:


Written advice for approval of Food Safety Programs

Onsite Third Party Compliance Audits

Development and Implementation Food Safety Programs

Resolution of Non-Compliance

Review of Food Safety Program

Online and Face-to-Face

Food Safety Supervisor

Our NAQ Nutrition auditors are approved by Queensland Health to undertake food safety audits and provide written reports back to your local council. Our auditors are experienced in the early childhood sector and know the requirements specific to providing food to vulnerable populations such as children.

The team at NAQ Nutrition Training are:

  • friendly
  • approachable
  • knowledgeable
  • experienced
  • organised

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