Nutrition Support for Schools

Reclaim the Lunchbox : Healthy Eating at Schools

   Schools often tell us that parents try to make lunchboxes healthy for their child, but often get it wrong. Kinder orientation evening is the ideal opportunity to get all new parents together and clarify what is and what isn’t healthy to ensure lunchboxes are right from the very first day. One of Nutrition Australia’s staff can visit your school and inspire your parents to provide healthy lunchboxes and support your school’s efforts in instilling healthy habits and optimal learning.

What can we provide?

A 2 hour workshop at your school

  • Presented by a qualified Dietitian/Nutritionist

  • A marketing flyer to help you promote the even

What information do we cover?

  • Nutrition for children

  • Healthy AND practical snack and lunch ideas

  • Lunchbox Checklist and ideas

  • Understanding Food Label

  • Health Star Rating (HSR)

  • Cooking Demo of 3 healthy lunch recipes

  • Food label reading activity

What resources will you receive?

  • Presentation handouts

  • A Lunchbox Checklist Fact Sheet and for attendees


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