Nutrition Services for Early Learning Centres


At Nutrition Australia we understand that it can be difficult for early learning centres to remain up-to-date with current nutrition information for young children. To provide nutrition assistance to early learning centres, Nutrition Australia NSW Division has developed a program titled Nutrition Services for Early Learning Centres. This is a membership based service that offers centres with the below benefits:

  • Access to a Nutrition Australia dietitian/nutritionist via email or phone
  • 10% discount on Nutrition Australia publications
  • 10% discount off workshops/seminars
  • Quarterly early learning centre specific e-newsletters: Toddler Bites

If you would like to become a member of our Nutrition Services for Early Learning Centres or renew your membership, please download the PDF file attached below.

Nutrition and Food Handling

Nutrition Australia’s Nutrition and Food Handling Course is designed to help Long Day Care Centres meet the National Quality Framework and the standard relating to Children's Health and Safety. Nutrition Australia NSW Division's qualified Dietitian or Nutritionist can visit your facility and present a two hour Nutrition and Food Handling course for up to 30 people. Topics covered include: 

  • Nutrition concerns and requirements for children and infants
  • Dietary Guidelines for children
  • Nutrition Policy
  • Food Hygiene
  • Food Handling Practices

Food Safety Assessments

Nutrition Australia’s Food Safety Assessment can help you meet the requirements of the National Quality Standard Children's Health and Safety Quality Area. A qualified Dietitian or Nutritionist will visit your facility to observe and assess your food hygiene and handling procedures. Our Dietitian/Nutritionist will:

  • view your policies and protocols
  • discuss current food safety legislation and accreditation guidelines
  • check that standards are being met
  • provide food safety information relevant to your Long Day Care facility

You will be provided with a written report outlining the outcome of the assessment with recommendations to better meet (or continue to meet) the food safety standards and limit the possibility of any future food safety issues developing.

Menu Assessments

This service helps childcare centres that provide food to ensure accreditation guidelines are being met in terms of food and nutrition.  Menu assessments are conducted by Dietitians/Nutritionists who will provide a comprehensive report.  Menu assessments are based on recommendations outlined by the National Quality Framework.  Menu assessment reports also incorporate nutritional requirements for children based on the National Health and Medical Research Council's recommended dietary intakes (RDI’S) and the Australian Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents.

Nutrition Australia Resources

Nutrition Australia publishes many bright and colourful resources suitable for use in the childcare environment. These include booklets, books, nutrition kits, posters, leaflets and magnets. To view or purchase these resources follow the below link:

Staff Talks and Workshops

A Nutrition Australia Dietitian/Nutritionist can visit your facility for an interactive information and education session on any nutrition topic of interest or concern for your facility. We can provide a practical and interesting staff development tailored to your facility’s requirements. For more information contact Nutrition Australia NSW via our contact page

Parent Workshops

Reclaim the Lunchbox is a one hour workshop develop to educate parents on healthy lunchbox ideas. This workshop covers the below topics:

  • Nutrition for children
  • Healthy AND practical snack and lunch ideas
  • What drinks are best for children
    • How to handle fussy eating
    • Food safety and role modeling
    • Food label reading activity

This is a popular workshop for parents of children transitioning from early learning centres into school. To book this workshop for your childcare centre please contact Nutrition Australia NSW via our contact page


Toddler Bites is the official newsletter for members of Nutrition Australia’s NSW Divisions Nutrition Services for Early Learning Centres.  Toddler Bites is a quarterly newsletter that provides the latest information on nutrition, health and tips on preparing delicious recipes.  

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