Nutrition Presentations

Presentations are one hour in duration and are delivered by a qualified dietitian.
Topics include:

Spend Right Eat Right NEW

Healthy nutritious meals don't have to cost a fortune. This presentation will demonstrate the best ways to spend money on food ensuring you meet all of your nutritional requirements.

Boost Your Energy

Want to get the most out of every day? This presentation highlights the link between what you eat and your energy levels. It provides practical diet tips and assists to motivate staff.     

Food Variety and Physical Activity

The best way to ensure you are meeting your nutritional requirements is to maximise the variety in your diet. This presentation  provides easy strategies to improve your food variety and provides tips on how to improve your physical fitness.

Weight for a Change

Empowers individuals with the knowledge and motivation to initiate a realistic weight loss program.

Food Fitness

Want to improve your physical fitness or sporting performance? This presentation highlights how to increase your capacity for exercise through fuelling your body with the best foods and fluids.

Diet and Disease (Heart health)

A presentation on diet-related diseases in Australia, how they can be prevented, and how to manage them.

Food Labelling

Do you know how to read a food label? This presentation is  designed to equip participants with the skills to understand what is in food and how to select food products.


Other topics include:

  • Diet Dilemma (Dispelling the Myths)
  • Weight for a Change
  • Healthy Ageing & Bone Health
  • Nutrition for Shift Workers
  • Nutrition Tips for Travelling
  • Teaching the Delivery of Nutrition to Culturally Diverse Groups
  • Please contact us to discuss customised presentation for your company / organisation. 



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