Why be a member?

As a Nutrition Australia member you will be part of a reputable organisation that provides reliable information about food, nutrition and health. Additionally, you will be supporting the promotion of scientifically based nutrition information in the community.

Join Nutrition Australia and support our public health and nutrition promotion initiatives!

Some examples of Nutrition Australia services and activities include:

  • Public information and advisory services
  • Displays, workshops and seminars
  • Liaising with food industry
  • Publications/Posters/Resources on topical issues
  • Community based programs for schools, childcare centres and outside school hours care
  • Submissions to government committees on subjects including national and state food and nutrition policies, dietary guidelines, food standards and future strategies
  • Workplace health promotion programs
  • Networking with other recognised nutrition and health organisations
  • Media liaison and advocacy

Benefits for volunteers

Nutrition Australia provides many opportunities for volunteers to build their CV by becoming involved in nutrition-based programs that target a variety of population groups. Of the hundreds of volunteers that apply for positions within our organisation, we give priority to volunteers who are also Nutrition Australia members. If you wish to gain experience in the field of nutrition, become a Nutrition Australia member and volunteer with us.


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