Physical Activity

Exercise and quitting smoking

Exercise can improve your overall health. It can also be useful when quitting smoking and help with the cravings. This factsheet explains the benefits of exercise and lists some ways to add exercise into your day.

Physical Activity for People at Work

If you are an office worker sitting at a desk all day, why not try some of these simple tips to increase your movement at work: 

Physical Activity: Keeping Motivated

No matter how high your aspirations to be physically active, the benefits of activity can not be gained if intentions are not turned into action.

Motivation is the key, though the question remains, ‘how is it possible to stay motivated?’ 

Physical Activity: Getting Started and Setting Your Goals

So why should physical activity be part of your daily routine?

Nutrition for everyday activity

The current National Physical Activity Guidelines recommend that Australian adults put together at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity on most or preferably all days of the week.

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