Nutrition + Pregnancy

Nutrition Australia, supported by Bayer Australia, has developed a simple educational brochure, Nutrition + Pregnancy (PDF 22MB), which contains the current evidence-based information regarding nutrition during pregnancy.

Designed as a resource for women who are pregnant or of childbearing age, the brochure complements advice given by health professionals during consultations.

Nuts and health

Nuts are a healthy plant food, packed full of beneficial nutrients for good health - they are high in healthy unsaturated fats, protein and fibre as well as containing a broad range of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

Belinda Neville, Dietitian and Nutrition Program Manager at Nuts for Life answers some of your common questions about nuts.

What are tree nuts?

Tree nuts, as the name suggests grow on trees. They include: almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, chestnuts, hazelnuts, macadamias, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts.

Dairy foods: How much is enough?

Dairy foods including milk, cheese and yogurt are one of the five food groups the Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend we eat every day. The other four food
groups are:

Simple solutions for using up fruit


Stewing apples in a little water is a great way of prolonging their life.  Stewed apples can be used as a base for many meals and desserts, or frozen for future use.  

  • Adding them as a topping for your favourite breakfast cereal
  • Serving stewed apples with a dollop of yoghurt or custard for a fresh and healthy dessert
  • Adding them to cakes or muffins for a delicious warm treat
  • Baking them with a crumble topping for a warming winter dessert


Water and quitting smoking

Water helps you stay healthy and it is important to replace the water our bodies use. This factsheet explains why water is important for good health, especially when quitting smoking.

Exercise and quitting smoking

Exercise can improve your overall health. It can also be useful when quitting smoking and help with the cravings. This factsheet explains the benefits of exercise and lists some ways to add exercise into your day.

Breakfast and quitting smoking

Skipping breakfast might sound like a good way to help keep weight off, but it actually can lead to weight gain.

This factsheet explains why breakfast is important, especially when quitting smoking. It includes some breakfast ideas to help you make it a part of your morning routine.

Weight gain and quitting smoking

Some people gain weight when quitting smoking. This can be a concern for many smokers. It is important to remember that not every smoker who quits will put on weight. However, the health benefits from quitting far outweigh the risk of putting on some extra kilos.

This factsheet provides information on why weight gain might occur and strategies to help maintain a healthy weight.

Healthy Eating Pyramid

The Healthy Eating Pyramid is a simple visual guide to the types and proportion of foods that we should eat every day for good health. 

It contains the five core food groups, plus healthy fats, according to how much they contribute to a balanced diet based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines (2013)

Australian Dietary Guidelines: Recommended daily intakes

The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend the number of ‘standard serves’ we should consume from the five core food groups each day, for a nutritious and balanced diet.

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