Kids Brainy Breakfast Ideas

A healthy, nutritious breakfast that provides your kids with adequate energy is a great way to start the day. The best breakfasts should include fruit or vegetables, a dairy product (or alternative) and a wholegrain bread, cereal or grain product. Some may think that preparing and eating a healthy breakfast is time consuming, but this is not necessarily the case.

Why not try some of the following suggestions – you can even mix and match according to your children’s tastes and preferences:
  • Raisin bread or fruit loaf, either plain or topped with ricotta cheese, and chopped strawberries or banana
  • Wholegrain cereal with milk and chopped fruit such as banana or berries, or pureed fruit
  • Hot porridge with milk, chopped banana or berries
  • Yoghurt topped with a muesli style cereal and chopped or pureed fruit
  • Baked beans with wholegrain toast and a small glass of diluted fruit juice
  • Scrambled or poached eggs with toast and a glass of milk
  • Wholegrain muffins with a slice of cheese and tomato and a piece of fruit
  • Toasted bagels with avocado and a glass of milk
  • Wholegrain toast with a thin spread of jam or honey plus sliced banana and a small tub of yoghurt
  • Fruit smoothies – simply blend milk, yoghurt, soft fruit and a sprinkle of wheatgerm or psyllium
  • For an on-the-go breakfast, take a piece of fruit , a cheese stick and a few low fat crackers
What a way to start the day!
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