Heart Foundation Position Statement: Antioxidants in food, drinks and supplements for cardiovascular health

In 2009 the Heart Foundation, along with an expert working group, reviewed the latest scientific evidence relating to fruit and vegetables; tea; coffee; cocoa and chocolate; red wine; and vitamin supplements. This review determined if these foods, drinks and supplements are effective in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and maintaining cardiovascular health (CVH).

This position statement provides recommendations for the consumption of antioxidant-rich food, drinks and supplements to reduce the risk of CVD and maintain cardiovascular health CVH.
The Heart Foundation’s position on antioxidants has been considered in determining the Heart Foundation recommendations for:
• healthy eating for all Australians
• best practice advice to health professionals
• government policies and practices to improve the food supply
• food product innovation and reformulation by the food industry
Published: April 2010
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