Thursday 30-5-2019
Almonds & Heart Health 

The Almonds & Heart Health Webinar provides health and nutrition professionals with the latest research on the benefits of nuts, including almonds for heart health.

Click here to listen to our experts discuss the latest research and evolution of evidence, plus the current dietary recommendations for heart health.

Click on the attached PDF to view the webinar slides.

Thursday 16-5-2019

Finding the time and the inspiration to create healthy menus can be challenging, so we have done the work for you!

Nutrition Australia’s Winter long day care menu pack is filled with delicious, simple, in-season recipes that children will love.

It includes every recipe, menu, and instruction you’ll need to feed the children in your care for the next three months.

PLUS every recipe is customised to the number of children in your centre, every day of the week!

Tuesday 23-4-2019

You could win $500 for your school, simply by taking a photo of how you promote healthy foods and drinks in your school canteen!

The Healthy Eating Advisory Service’s Capture Your Canteen photo competition is looking for the colourful and creative ways that your school canteen or food service promotes healthy eating, such as:

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