Wednesday 15-1-2020

Nutrition Australia, supported by Bayer Australia, has developed a simple educational brochure, Nutrition + Pregnancy (PDF 22MB), containing the current evidence-based information regarding nutrition during pregnancy.

Designed as a resource for women who are pregnant or of childbearing age, the brochure complements advice given by health professionals during consultations.

Friday 13-12-2019
Sustainability and food innovation

Food sustainability and its impact on food innovation is something that affects the future of all Australians. To address some of the burning questions surrounding this trending topic and generate conversation, Nutrition Australia invited a panel of specialist speakers and leaders in their field to the annual AGM, where their collective experience and qualifications made for a thought-provoking presentation.

Friday 13-12-2019

The impact of sustainability on food innovation, and the implementation of three year strategic plan

Held on 29 November, 2019 the Nutrition Australia Vic Division AGM guest panel of speakers addressed the impact of sustainability on food innovation. And Chairman, John Wills, reported exceptional yearly results with the implementation of Nutrition Australia Vic Division’s three year strategic plan focusing on four pillars:

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