Nutrition + Pregnancy brochure available for GPs, health professionals and pharmacies

Nutrition Australia, supported by Bayer Australia, has developed a simple educational brochure, Nutrition + Pregnancy (PDF 22MB), containing the current evidence-based information regarding nutrition during pregnancy.

Designed as a resource for women who are pregnant or of childbearing age, the brochure complements advice given by health professionals during consultations.

Focusing on self-care and preventative health, it will empower and increase the knowledge of pregnant women with the latest factual nutritional information. 

Intended to be distributed to pregnant women via health professionals at pharmacies and GP clinics, this attractive, easy to use, 16-page brochure encompasses the key nutrition in pregnancy topics in one resource including:

  • The latest facts about nutrition during pregnancy.
  • The link between good nutrition during pregnancy and the health of mother and baby, including current recommendations on the use of supplements such as folic acid and iodine.
  • Practical tips for meal planning and making healthy choices related to food and drink.

For GP clinics, health professionals or pharmacies requesting free printed copies please contact: 

Jane Wurth
Medical Advisor – Nutritionals
Bayer Australia Limited
02 93916260



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