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Nutrition Australia, through National and State Divisions, undertakes a substancial amount of advocacy work with both Federal and State Governments, guiding bodies and health organisations. Here we share these.
March 2019
Call for new National Nutrition Policy 

It is time for the Australian Government to take charge of the nutritional health of our nation and update the 1992 National Nutrition Policy.

In 2017, Nutrition Australia, the Dietitians Association of Australia, the Public Health Association of Australia and the National Heart Foundation, released a joint statement entitled ‘Towards a National Nutrition Policy for Australia’. This call to action statement aimed to raise awareness of the importance of nutrition and the benefits of a new National Nutrition Policy. 

Last month the Dietitians Association of Australia released a new report titled, ‘Nourish not Neglect: Putting health on our nation's table’, which outlines the steps needed to make a new National Nutrition Policy a reality.

What can you do to help drive the agenda for a new National Nutrition Policy?

Get in touch with your Federal Member and encourage them to call for a National Nutrition Policy in Parliament. Your Federal Member is elected by the community and is your representative, so it's their job to listen!

Simply download our letter template that you can use to post or email your Federal Member of Parliament. Click here to download letter template. 

Click here to look up your Federal Member of Parliament.

July 2018
Inquiry into the obesity epidemic in Australia
Nutrition Australia's Submission is Number 61. You can view our submission through the government submissions here, or below in the links section.

August 2017

Nutrition Australia submitted a response to the Health Star Rating (HSR) Advisory Committee’s five year review of the system.

Nutrition Australia considers the HSR has considerable potential as a successful public health intervention if:

• Foods and drinks are scored in a way that aligns with the Australian Dietary Guidelines by scoring whole and minimally-processed foods from the five core food groups, higher than foods and drinks which are not recommended for regular consumption.

• The HSR was made mandatory, and for all packaged food and drink items including fresh foods (eg, fruits, vegetables and meats), and premade items, such as salads and sandwiches.

• The score could be used to judge the relative healthiness of items across food categories, not just within specific categories.

In addition, we made recommendations regarding, the need for greater consumer education about the HSR system, and the governance of the HSR system including the role of the food industry.


September 2017

Nutrition Australia united with 35 leading community, public health, medical and academic groups to launch #TippingTheScales.

A ground-breaking 8-point action plan, outlining eight clear, practical, evidence-based actions the Australian Federal Government must take to reduce the enormous strain excess weight and poor diets are having on the nation’s physical and economic health.

Led by the Obesity Policy Coalition and Deakin University Global Obesity Centre, Tipping the Scales draws on national and international recommendations to highlight where action is required.


December 2017

Nutrition Australia supported ‘Parents call for sugary Christmas truck to be scrapped’ open letter to Coca-Cola

A collaboration of health bodies, angered by the arrival of the Coke Christmas Truck on Australian shores, have joined forces in an open letter to Coca-Cola and The Salvation Army. The collaboration, led by Parents’ Voice, is particularly disappointed by Coca-Cola’s decision to visit Tamworth. As with much of regional Australia, Tamworth has high levels of overweight and obese Australians, with 73.9 per cent of adults in the region either overweight or obese.

Link – see 2 PDF’s attached


March 2018

Nutrition Australia submitted a response to the stakeholder consultation re: Kilojoule labelling for fast food outlets

Purpose to facilitate stakeholder consultation with industry, public health and consumer organisations, and relevant professional associations to assist with the review of the effectiveness of the fast food menu labelling schemes which have been introduced.

Community education regarding kilojoule information and its relationship with healthy food choices is required to ensure such information is used effectively. Nutrition Australia supports the availability of nutrition information for consumers – either via in-store brochures/posters and/or online.

Link – see PDF attached


February 2017

Nutrition Australia’s Joint Policy Statement: Towards a National Nutrition Policy for Australia and Supporting document for the Joint Position Statement: Towards a National Nutrition Policy for Australia

The Public Health Association of Australia, the National Heart Foundation of Australia, the Dietitians Association of Australia and Nutrition Australia are calling for the Australian Government to develop a new National Nutrition Policy. The old 1992 policy urgently needs updating and expanding so it aligns with recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Steering Committee on Nutrition (UNSCN) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Diet related diseases are most prevalent among the very young, the very old, those living in remote areas, many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, those in culturally and linguistically diverse groups, and in lower socioeconomic groups. We urgently need to address these major risk factors for the health and productivity of all Australians.


Link – see attached PDF’s


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