Community nutrition programs & services

Nutrition Australia ACT Division aims to inspire healthy eating by promoting the importance of good food and nutrition. Our range of community nutrition services are delivered by Accredited Practising Dietitians and Accredited Nutritionists.

Request a tailored program or choose from our vast selection including:

  • cooking demonstrations and workshops
  • group presentations
  • menu assessments
  • healthy food and beverage policy adivce
  • food safety and hygiene.

We service a wide variety of community sectors ranging from health and wellbeing programs for staff and volunteers, to food skills and cooking programs for clients.

Entertaining and educational, our community programs:

  • are delivered by experienced, qualified presenters who come to you
  • cover a range of topics such as 'Food Budgeting', 'Convenience Foods are Healthy Foods' and 'Simple Cooking Skills.'


Workplaces in the community sector

Our community programs are an ideal vehicle to position your workplace as one that prioritises and values the health and wellbeing of employees and volunteers. Book an interactive and professional program for your next team building exercise or professional development opportunity!

For further information regarding health and wellbeing programs for workers in the community sector, click here.


Clients of community services

Nutrition Australia ACT Divisions one hour interactive workshops deliver nutrition information in a relaxed, informal environment. Visual aids such as food models, proportion plates, posters, food packaging and/or PowerPoint presentations are used to augment nutrition education.

For further information regarding nutrition programs for clients of community services, click here.


Project Dinnertime cooking workshops

Perfect for individuals, families, community groups or staff. Project Dinnertime is designed to integrate nutrition education with cooking skills, during a hands on cooking workshop. Project Dinnertime is delivered at Nutrition Australia ACT Division's Food Skills Kitchen.

For further information regarding the community nutrition services offered by Nutrition Australia ACT Division contact us on 02 6162 2583 or email



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