Workshop: Feeding happy, healthy children (1-5 years)

Promote healthy eating at home by hosting an educational workshops for parents.

Mother and children in the kitchen.Our fun and interactive session will empower parents with the knowledge and confidence to provide nutritious foods and drinks for their children, and create healthy eating habits from an early age.

We come to you! Every 60 minute workshop is hosted by our experienced dietitians and nutritionists. And it includes a presentation, activities, discussion time and take-home resources for all attendees.

Suitable for early childhood, health or community services.

The workshops covers:

  • Healthy eating for children – using the Healthy Eating Pyramid and Australian Dietary Guidelines.
  • Easy meal and snack ideas for the whole family
  • How to promote healthy eating habits in the home
  • Healthy cooking methods and time-saving kitchen tips
  • How to be a savvy shopper: Learn to navigate the supermarket and read food labels to make healthier choices

This workshop will:

  • complement what you’re already doing to promote healthy eating to young children
  • increase children’s preference for the healthy foods and drinks you provide (eg, in an early childhood service, sport/rec centre kiosk or in the local community)
  • help your organisation meet the Healthy Eating Benchmarks of the Achievement Program.
  • align with National Quality Standard Element 2.2.1.
    “Healthy eating is promoted and food and drinks provided by the service are nutritious and appropriate for each child.” 


We run these workshops as ‘host your own’ sessions, meaning we book these as a fee-for-service which allows for up to 25 people to attend the session at your centre.


Duration (break incl.)

Total cost

Cost per person (based on 25 ppl)

Healthy Eating for Children (parent’s workshop)

1 hour

$695 + GST


Healthy eating and menu planning for allergies and intolerances (Parent’s workshop)

1.5 hours

$795 +GST


Please note conditions of booking are:

-       Prices ex. GST and travel (calculated at 0.85c x km return from the CBD) and are for workshops that occur within business hours (8am to 6pm)

-       Workshops held outside business hours incur additional fees:

o    Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm: standard rates

o    Mon – Fri 6-10pm: standard rates + $50 per hour

o    Saturdays: standard rates + $100 per hour

o    Sundays: standard rates + $150 per hour

To enquire

Call 03 8431 5800 or email


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