Training: Promoting healthy eating through learning and play

In this hands-on workshop we’ll explore fun and interactive ways to promote healthy eating to children in your service.

You’ll even get to make up some of your own!

After attending this workshop you’ll have a clear understanding of the educator’s role in promoting healthy eating – and develop the skills and confidence to do it.

You will learn:
  • the importance of play and learning to promote healthy eating
  • what it means to “promote healthy eating” in the National Quality Standard
  • fun and engaging ways to teach children about food and nutrition
  • the educator’s role in a whole-of-service approach to healthy eating
  • strategies to overcome challenges.

This workshop will also help your centre work towards:


We run these workshops as ‘host your own’ sessions, meaning we book these as a fee-for-service which allows for up to 25 people to attend the session at your centre.

Duration (break incl.)

Total cost

Cost per person (based on 25 ppl)

2 hours

$875 + GST


Please note conditions of booking are:

  • Prices ex. GST and travel (calculated at 0.85c x km return from the CBD) and are for workshops that occur within business hours (8am to 6pm)
  • Workshops held outside business hours incur additional fees:
    • Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm: standard rates
    • Mon – Fri 6-10pm: standard rates + $50 per hour
    • Saturdays: standard rates + $100 per hour
    • Sundays: standard rates + $150 per hour

Contact Nutrition Australia to host a workshop at your location. Call 03 8341 5800 or email us to enquire about hosting.

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