Roy Royce school workshops


A fun healthy eating incursion for Foundation-Year 2.

  Supports the Health & Physical Education food and nutrition focus area ...

... and the Achievement Program Healthy Eating & Oral Health benchmark!

BONUS classroom resources with links to the Australian Curriculum!


Roy Royce is a young boy who is learning about making healthy choices.

But sometimes he needs a bit of help.

Based on the children's book Did Roy Royce make a healthy choice?, this 45 min workshop will enrich your students with the knowledge and motivation to enjoy healthy foods.

Through active game play, story-telling and discussion, children will learn:

  • about the five 'everyday' food groups that give us energy and make us feel happy
  • what are 'sometimes' foods and why they can make us feel tired or go a bit silly
  • ways they can be responsible for making healthy choices.

We tailor every session to suit various ages, abilities and activity space.

Our workshop facilitators are university-trained nutritionists and dietitians with a passion for educating children about healthy eating!


More than a one-off experience

Each school will receive a curriculum resource kit to support the food and nutrition focus area:

PLUS each child receives a Nutrition Australia resource pack to inspire families to choose healthy foods at home - including healthy lunchbox ideas, family meal tips, recipes and more!


Booking this incursion

Nutrition Australia Vic Division is currently seeking a sponsor so that we can offer this program free to Victorian schools.

If you are interested in sponsoring this program please contact Aranya Changkaoprom, Team Leader, on 03 8341 5800 or email

If you would like to host this workshop in your school, please send us an expression of interest via the form below. We'll add your details to our database and let you know when the program is available in your area.


Expresion of interest

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