Long day care menu service


 4-week winter rotating menu
 120 delicious, dietitian-approved children’s recipes
 All recipe quantities tailored to your centre
 Meets the National Quality Standard


Finding the time and the inspiration to create healthy menus can be challenging, so we have done the work for you!

Nutrition Australia’s Winter long day care menu pack is filled with delicious, simple, in-season recipes that children will love. It includes every recipe, menu, and instruction you’ll need to feed the children in your care for the next three months. 

Each day of the menu costs just $2.50-$3 per child, PLUS we tailor every recipe to the number of children in your centre, for every day of the week!


What's included?
  • 4 standard menu plans for display (week 1-4)
  • 4 vegetarian menu plans for display (week 1-4)
  • 120 dietitian-approved recipes, customised to the number of children in your centre each day. Nut-free.
  • 19-page Welcome guide containing everything you need to get started, including:
    • how to use the menu plans
    • substituting ingredients
    • adapting recipes for dietary requirements and infants
    • and how to promote healthy eating to young children.
  • Optional extras: Tailoring for dietary needs, such as allergies and specific cultural requirements (will incur an additional fee).


“It gives families and educators comfort that the food we are providing
meets nutritional guidelines.”




Meets the National Quality Standard

The Winter long day care menu pack ensures your centre provides a nutritious balance of foods and drinks every day, which is in line with the National Quality Standard (Quality Area 2).

Every week of the menu pack is thoughtfully planned using FoodChecker, according to the Menu planning guidelines for long day care and the Australian Dietary Guidelines.


“It was all in one place. I knew it was nutritionally balanced with a variety of food.”


Tasty recipes that kids will love

The Winter long day care menu pack is full of amazing flavours that your children will love.

Every day contains a variety of fresh flavours, colours and textures, with season produce, and culturally diverse options.

And you will find some exciting new recipes alongside traditional favourites.


“Yum! I want to tell my Mum to make this!”


Pre-sale special offer!

Only $299 until Monday 27 May
(RRP $495 inc GST)


How to order
  1. Click here to buy now (via PayPal or credit card).
  2. Check your email inbox for your order form. This is where you tell us how many children you’re cooking for Monday to Friday, for the standard menu AND the vegetarian menu (if required).
  3. Send us the completed order form and you’ll receive your fully customised Winter long day care menu pack on 27 May.


Contact us

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Do you require tailoring for specific dietary requirements?

Call us on 03 8341 5800 or email vic@nutritionaustralia.org today!

“It gives families and educators comfort that the food we are providing meets nutritional guidelines.”



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