Winter long day care menu packs - special offer!

Finding the time and the inspiration to create healthy menus can be challenging, so we have done the work for you!

Nutrition Australia’s Winter long day care menu pack is filled with delicious, simple, in-season recipes that children will love.

It includes every recipe, menu, and instruction you’ll need to feed the children in your care for the next three months.

PLUS every recipe is customised to the number of children in your centre, every day of the week!

Showcase your healthy canteen and you could win $500!

You could win $500 for your school, simply by taking a photo of how you promote healthy foods and drinks in your school canteen!

The Healthy Eating Advisory Service’s Capture Your Canteen photo competition is looking for the colourful and creative ways that your school canteen or food service promotes healthy eating, such as:

Nutrition Australia Vic Division Offers Exciting New Planned Menus to Long Day Care Centres

Recognising that long day care centres can find it challenging to create new seasonal menus due to time constraints, Nutrition Australia developed a rotating 4 week Summer / Autumn Menu Pack specifically tailored to the number of children at a centre.  

Nutrition Australia Vic Division & Horticulture Innovation Australia Educate Health Professionals on the Health Benefits of Almonds

Nutrition Australia Vic Division is delivering the Educating Health Professionals Project on behalf of the Australian Almond Industry and funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia. The project aim is increasing awareness of the health benefits of almonds amongst Australian health professionals.

2018 AGM Highlights Key Achievements, Strategic Planning, a Presentation from Professor Mark Lawrence & the Official Launch of Tryfor5

Held on the 8th of October, Chairman, John Wills reported outstanding yearly results with a reworked strategic plan focusing on four pillars: Be Leaders in Healthy Eating; Build our Capacity and Sustainability; Educate and Empower; Advocate and Influence.

VIC Division CEO Lucinda Hancock Appears on Channel Ten’s The Project to Discuss the Current Coconut Oil Trend

Coconut oil is a product that has risen to dizzying heights of fame thanks to social media influencers, wellness warriors and celebrities promoting their perceived benefits. Over the last decade its popularity has risen dramatically with some believing it improves instigation, aids with weight loss and practice daily “coconut oil pulling”. 

Educating New & Student Chefs via the Olive Oil in Foodservice Program (May 2017 – May 2019)

The Olive Oil in Foodservice Program is an exciting 2 year project being delivered by Nutrition Australia Vic Division and funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia. The project aims to educate and increase the knowledge of Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil with new and student chefs in Victoria and New South Wales.

Nutrition Australia and Bayer Australia Encourages All Australians to Health Yourself

New national research undertaken by Bayer Australia reveals that Australians lack the knowledge to take charge of their own health, instead relying on healthcare professionals for advice and treatment.

To help Australian’s better navigate what they need to do regarding nutrition Lucinda Hancock, CEO, Nutrition Australia Vic Division provides some valuable tips.

Nutrition Australia Vic Division and Bayer Australia Help Launch 2030 National Sports Plan

Nutrition Australia’s Vic Division CEO Lucinda Hancock and dietitian Amy Knight joined Rural Health & Sport Minister Senator Bridget McKenzie and Bayer Australia at the August launch of National Sports Plan, part of the Coalition Government’s plan to build a healthier, more physically active nation.

Event Launch

The National Sports Plan coincides with Health Yourself, a Bayer Australia campaign raising awareness of the importance of self-care, encouraging Australian’s to prioritise health in everyday life.

Nutrition Australia and Melbourne University Unite to Help Improve Student Nutrition with Pick My Project!

Research shows that cost of living pressures are increasing rates of food insecurity among university students.

Nutrition Australia Vic Division, in partnership with the Fair Food Challenge and the University of Melbourne International Student Group, has been shortlisted in the Victorian Government’s “Pick My Project” grant initiative for ‘SNAP’, the Student Nutrition Access Program.

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