National Nutrition Week 2015 resources

National Nutrition Week, 11-17 October 2015

Discover new ways to add fruit and veg to your day, with our collection of websites to inspire you to Pick Right and Feel Bright!


Buying fruit and veg
Handy guides to find a farmers market near you.

Growing fruit and veg
Tips to start your own fruit or veg garden, or join a community garden.

What’s in season 
Find out which fruits and vegetables are in season in your part of Australia.

In the kitchen 
Boost your fruit and veg prowess with these handy tips for storing, chopping and cooking fruit and veg.

Reduce your waste
Tips for reusing, swapping, composting or donating your excess fruit and vegetables.

Add more colour to your day with recipes that feature your favourite fruit or veg.

Fruit and vegetable ideas
Meal and snack ideas that are so easy, they don't even need a recipe! Includes suggestions for childcare, school canteens and retail food outlets.

Education tools
Websites, resources and tools for educators, parents and health professionals to promote fruit and vegetables - adults might learn something too!

Credible information on why we should aim to eat more fruit and vegetables, and how they fit into an overall healthy eating pattern.


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