Food Safety

Safe food handling is essential for preventing the spread of germs and disease in the kitchen. Remember to keep the following rules in mind whenever you prepare or cook food, in order to keep your family healthy and free from disease.
  1. Always wash your hands thoroughly before you start preparing food.
  2. Do not handle food with bare hands – use gloves instead.
  3. Do not handle food if you are sick or have cuts or sores on your hands.
  4. Keep hot foods hot (>60°C) and keep cold foods cold (<5°C).
  5. Defrost food in the fridge or microwave.
  6. Do not refreeze thawed food.
  7. Store food appropriately.
  8. Do not overload the fridge.
  9. Clean and sanitize your cooking or storage area after preparing or storing raw food.
  10. Never smoke in food areas.
  11. Clean the entire cooking area regularly and thoroughly.
  12. Eradicate pests, as they carry germs.
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