Nutrition Newsletter Inserts II

Sample image of healthy eating newsletter inserts
Food and nutrition tips for healthy children
Nutrition Australia

A 6-month supply of weekly newsletter articles featuring healthy eating tips and recipes.

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Using simple language appropriate for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, this resource is a great long-term investment which can be used year after year.

The CD provides a six month supply of weekly newsletter inserts, and covers topics including:

  • Save on Snacks
  • Grow Your Kids With Calcium
  • Lolly Free Lunches
  • Food Safety
  • Healthy Snack Swap
  • Water is Best
  • Fruit in the Lunchbox
  • Thirsty? Think Water
  • Sneak Vegetables into the Lunchbox
  • My Kids Won't Eat Wholemeal
  • Not a Sandwich Again!
  • The Truth About Food Additives
  • Make Sandwiches Different Everyday
  • Tempting Tuna Mix
  • Parents & Pester Power
  • Easy Zucchini Slice
  • Mini Muesli Muffins
  • Understanding Food Labels
  • The Fussy Eater's Lunchbox
  • Healthy Biscuit Swap


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