Packing a school lunchbox

This 15-minute film explains to families how to pack a school lunchbox for primary school children. Packed full of ideas and lots of fun, this film helps parents to understand what they need to provide in the lunchbox, to feed their children throughout the school day.

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We have received an overwhelming response Packing a School Lunchbox on DVD. Here are just some of the comments from primary schools and learning centres.

‘I would like to thank you for sending out your DVD to the school. I have watched the DVD and thought it was a fantastic resource. Very well presented with great ideas. Thank you so much for putting together a great information tool. I will be using this DVD regularly at my school transition and other family information nights we have at the school. Keep up the great work and support for schools. Teachers can't do it on their own and parents like receiving information from other sources other than the school. Thank you.’

Julliette Kallipolitis, Undercliffe Public School

‘The DVD was used at a child care expo. The DVD was simple to use and effective in communicating the message. The feedback from the parents was outstanding. They found it appealing and were highly interested in buying it and knowing more about Nutrition Australia.’

Tanya Horan, City Learning & Care Trudy Moritz

The DVD was really good. It was shared amongst the teachers as a useful learning tool to incorporate with their students.’

Jenny Marshali, Beaumaris North Primary School

The school is located in an isolated area with a few, if some, food shops and packaged food has increased greatly in the last 4 years due to this. The DVD was used with parents and their kids at an after school meeting in regards to help with the increasing number of unhealthy packaged foods. The overall success of the DVD helped improve the knowledge of the parents and kids. Ultimately it achieved a noticeable difference in the food choices of the kids and parents, especially considering they are in an isolated area. Overall everyone was happy with the DVD.’

Peter May, Coongerch Primary School

‘The DVD was used in different ways across the school. With the prep classes, the first 10 minutes of the DVD was watched as the teachers wanted the important parts of the DVD to be remembered. It’s also used and is going to be used (future) with the prep information night. Each class in school besides the preps watched the entire DVD. The kids found it interesting and useful. The grade 5/6’s explored the idea of the DVD further through a debate. What was summed up is that if foods are not in wrapping, then the environment would be a lot cleaner than it is today.

The school now has a nude food policy. They have created a nude food diary where foods are audited and the class with the most nude foods wins a prize. The school is very interactive with the nude food idea and this has shaped the school in a lot of beneficial ways.’

Archie Bacheta, Clayton North Primary School

The DVD was great! There is nothing more to say. Watch it and you will see.’

Andrea Derbyshire, Eltham Primary School


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