Community partners

Nutrition Australia NSW Division has partnered with the Office of Environment and Heritage in their campaign 'Love Food Hate Waste'. Love Food Hate Waste is a campaign that supports NSW households to adopt simple and easy behaviours that work to reduce food waste. Nutrition Australia is incorporating the key messages of Love Food Hate Waste through our website and nutrition programs in order to educate the NSW community on tips to reduce food waste.


Coalition on Food Advertising for Children (CFAC)

Nutrition Australia as an active member of CFAC joins with them in advocating for bans on the advertising of unhealthy food choice to children.

Read our Position Statement on Food Advertising Directed at Children.


Healthy Kids Association and Nutrition Australia NSW Division have formed a partnership aiming to enhance healthy eating among pre-school and school aged children, their families and educators and the wider community in an effort to reduce the risk of childhood overweight and obesity and diet related diseases.

Visit the Healthy Kids Association for more information about their programs.


Nutrition Australia works with PHAA in advocating on nutrition issues such as food sustainability.


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