Tuesday 14-8-2018

Notice: 14th August 2018

If you received an email this morning with the subject 'Officeworks Invoice' and the reply-to email address '' please delete immediately.

We have been made aware of a spam attack and confirm this is not a genuine email from Officeworks or Nutrition Australia. 

We confirm your data and privacy is very important to us and no privacy has been breached. 

Tuesday 14-8-2018

Did you know that only 5% of Australian children eat their recommended intake of vegetables? When children aren’t eating fruit and vegetables at school, it’s almost impossible for them to reach their recommended intakes. Children need the nutrients from fruit and vegetables to learn, grow and play. Crunch and Sip is a NSW Government initiative, which gives students a dedicated time during the school day to eat fruit and veg and to rehydrate with water.

Monday 13-8-2018
Nutrition Australia – Advocating for your Health

Nutrition Australia, through National and State Divisions, undertakes a substancial amount of advocacy work with both Federal and State Governments, guiding bodies and health organisations.

There is a current inquiry into the obesity epidemic in Australia where urgent action is needed to educate, empower and enable Australians to choose healthier foods and drinks.

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