National Nutrition Week 2013 - Project Dinnertime

Nutrition Australia is excited to announce the theme for this years National Nutrition Week, Project Dinnertime - Cook.Eat.Enjoy.

Project Dinnertime is a food skills program encompassing the overarching themes: Cook, Eat, Enjoy.

With a major aim to improve knowledge, skills and confidence in the kitchen, Project Dinnertime will empower individuals by helping to establish the basics of healthy food preparation from home.

Project Dinnertime addresses the overarching themes as follows:

Cook: Develop skills and confidence to cook meals from scratch. This includes learning basic food safety principles, following recipes, and learning how to identify healthy recipes based on ingredients and preparation methods. There is a strong emphasis on choosing budget conscious meals with a focus on seasonal variety.

Eat:  Appreciate the tastes and textures of wholesome foods. Develop a greater depth of knowledge in reading and understanding food labels and making healthy choices in the supermarket.

Enjoy: Experience the celebration and social/emotional connectedness that food brings. This can build and strengthen family relationships around the dinner table

Recipes, fact sheets can be freely downloaded here.