National Nutrition Week

National Nutrition Week raises awareness and supports the community to look at how food and lifestyle choices impact on health.

The food and lifestyle choices we make impact on both our health, and the health of our planet. With childhood obesity rates now around 25% and with Australians identified as being among the highest producers of waste globally, we need to address these issues urgently. Nutrition Australia raises awareness and supports the community to look at these challenges during National Nutrition Week.

Each year the Nutrition Week Kit, is developed to help Australians celebrate National Nutrition Week. The Kit is packed with resources to help you and your family make healthy food and lifestyle choices, and is available for download from the Nutrition Australia website in the weeks leading up to Nutrition Week. Nutrition Week Kits from previous years are available free of charge to Nutrition Australia members.

National Nutrition Week always includes World Food Day, and since 2010 has also incorporated Nude Food Day.

National Nutrition Week 2013

Project DinnerTime – Cook, Eat, Enjoy

This year’s theme is Project DinnerTime - Cook, Eat, Enjoy, which aims to improve knowledge, skills and confidence in the kitchen by empowering people to prepare more meals from home more often. More.


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