Pork and mushroom 'burgers' with sweet potato wedges

These bunless ‘burgers’ are a light and fresh take on traditional BBQ fare.

Lentil and eggplant moussaka

Feed your family and friends with this flavoursome vegetarian dish.

Roasted sweet potato, lentil and broccoli salad

With in-season broccoli and protein-packed lentils, this salad can be enjoyed warm or cold - perfect as we move into Spring!

Rosemary chicken with warm bean salad

Try this warming combination instead of your usual salad at lunch or dinner.

Chicken laksa

Enjoy a taste of Indonesia and Mayalsia with this creamy laksa.

Chicken and leek soup

Incorporating barley into this tasty soup makes it a whole meal in a bowl, and will help fill you up!

Leek and bean soup with cheesy bread

This quick and easy vegetarian soup is perfect to warm up a cold afternoon.

Red lentil, pumpkin and tomato soup

Enjoy this bright vegetarian soup with toast and avocado – a delicious combination!

Lentil and vegetable soup

This colourful and delicious soup uses legumes to give a protein boost, perfect for vegetarians or a Meatless Monday meal!

Mushroom and lemongrass chicken stir-fry

The marinated chicken and mushrooms make this stir-fry deliciously flavoursome!

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