Frequently Asked Questions

As part of our commitment to providing up-to-date, scientifically sound, evidence based information, Nutrition Australia provides a platform where the most frequently asked questions about nutritional issues are answered.  These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are complied by leading nutrition professionals who regularly contribute to a nutrition email discussion group, The Nutritionists Network ('Nut-Net'), under the co-ordination of Chris Forbes-Ewan, Senior Nutritionist*. An Australia based e-mail discussion forum, Nut-Net is attended by several hundred professional nutritionist and dietitian subscribers.

Nut-Net FAQs are written to provide independent practical advice and information to the general population regarding the relationship between food, nutrition, lifestyle and health. The FAQs provide a consensus (or if that is not achievable, a majority) opinion regarding important dietary influences on health and wellbeing, and cover topics including dietary patterns, activity levels, foods and food ingredients (excluding branded products).

*Statements and opinions presented in the Frequently Asked Questions do not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of Nutrition Australia, nor does Nutrition Australia accept responsibility for the accuracy of such statements and opinions.

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