ACT Nutrition Support Service coming soon

Nutrition Australia ACT is thrilled to announce our new project funded by the ACT Government’s Healthy Canberra Grant.

The ACT Nutrition Support Service (ACTNSS) is a new project that aims to increase access to healthy food and drink choices and support healthy eating environments across a range of targeted community settings.

It will achieve this by:

  • supporting childcare services, schools, aged care, community NGOs, disability organisations and workplaces to implement new policies and strategies to support the establishment of healthy eating environments
  • providing an online/telephone advisory service to support the target sectors and ACT community members.

The main outcome of the project is to improve health outcomes in relation to overweight and obesity in the ACT.

The ACTNSS website is currently under construction and will be launched in March 2015. The website will house a range of information for each of the target sectors including, but not limited to food and drink guidelines, nutrition policy templates, fact sheets, recipes, and sample menu plans.

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